Khalilpur Four Track


Golden jubilee Chief Civil works and urban development schemes – the estimated amount of Rs . 33 million

Name of Work : Khalilapura road for work to track
Amount Allotted by GMFB : 42100000
Estimate Amount in Rs. : 53251445
Sanctioned Amount in Rs. : 42578138.33
Duration (Months) : 12
Work status : Increase the term of the current 27-02-2016
Name of Agency : M/s. Anmbar Builders
Name of Dy. Executive Engineer : Mr. R. K. Kuchadiya
Overseer : Mr. B. D. Chavada / Mr. D. N. Pansuriya

Sabalpur Bridge

Golden jubilee Chief Civil works and urban development schemes – the estimated amount of Rs . 65 million

Name of Work : Bridge of construction at sabalapura quartet , Lol River operations
Estimate Amount in Rs. : 49,370,952
Sanctioned Amount in Rs. : 36,593,317.34
Duration (Months) : 12
Work status : 15-02-2016 Running
Name of Agency : M/s. Parishrm Builders
Name of Dy. Executive Engineer : Mr. D. B. Goswami
Overseer : Mr. D. N. Pansuriya
M/s. Ray infra.Pvt.LTD.,& S.No.4551, Date:09/02/2016

Zonel Office

Civil Works of Swarnim Jayanti Mukhyamantri Urban Development Program – Approx Amount Rs. 46 Crore

Name of Work : Construction of 3(Three) Zonel Office in Junagadh

  1. Near Fire Station
  2. Joshipara Zonal Office
  3. Timbawadi Zonal Office
Estimate Amount in Rs. : 46,000,000
Sanctioned Amount in Rs. : 38,280,022.35
Duration (Months) : 15
Work status :
Name of Agency : M/s. J. P. Structure Pvt. Ltd.
Name of Dy. Executive Engineer : Mr. D. B. Goswami / Mr. R. K. Kuchhadiya
Overseer :
C. C. Patel and Assoc. Pvt. Ltd., Work Order No. 411 Dated 24-04-2016

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New Housing Complex in TownPress Nearly Complete

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