Daily generation of solid waste in city approximately 150 M.T. Thus the total waste is within the range of 400 gm per capital per day of domestic waste. the above solid waste is being collected by deploying 400 wheel barrows (six containers) as per the guidelines of Hon’ble supreme court by MSW rule 2000.

For proper collection of the garbage Junagadh Municipal Corporation has purchased numbers of equipments like wheel barrows, close container, dumper placer, JCB etc. The collected waste is being transported by closed container to the nearby transfer stations. Colleted waste from transfer station waste is being transported in accumulated manner to the waste process plant.

For treatment of solid waste Junagadh Municipal Corporation has entered into MOU with private firm namely; Hanjer Biotech Pvt. Ltd. The firm has planned to install plant where 150 MT per day solid waste will be processed.


As per Hon’ble Supreme court guideline Junagadh Municipal Corporation is establish separate solid waste management department headed by. Dy. Municipal Commissioner under whom numbers of, Sanitary Sub Inspectors,Labours, Sweepers etc. are working. The O & M of the solid waste is being carried out partly by departmental and partly through private agencies.


Municipal Corporation Junagadh establish SWM Department Headed by Under whom numbers of sanitary Inspectors, Labours, Sweepers ect. are working.

Solid Waste Management
01 Per Capita Generation 400 / gms / day
02 Total Generation of Waste 150 / MT / day
03 City Coverage 90%
04 No of Community Bins 800
05 Door to Door Collection 60%