per year – the golden jubilee of the 2013-14 civil works under the Chief Minister’s Urban Development Plan. 33 million

Name of Work : kalavana bridge work 
The amount allocated by GMFB : 60000000
Estimate the amount of Rs. : 47839205
The amount sanctioned is Rs. : 52331625.84
Term (months) : 12
Work status : 24-11-2015
Agency : M/s. sutreja & Co. 
Name of Dy. Executive Engineer :  
Overseer :
T.P.I.- C.C. Patel Associates Pvt. Ltd. & S. No. 2011, Date – 14/08/2015 Con. Manish J. Rupareliya  V.O.No – 1023 on Saturday 09-10-2013.

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