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Junagadh is the only major center in Sorath region of Saurashtra. It is located at the foot of Girnar Hills, It lies with in 21’ 1” north latitude and 70’ 13” east latitude. It ls located at 271.89 feet above mean sea level. The city is well connected by roads to Amreli, Porbandar, Rajkot and Veraval and well connected by rail to Veraval and Rajkot.


The population of Junagadh city is 2,66,038 as per census 2001. The population projection in 2011 has been forecasted 3,19,462.


At present Junagadh city has an area of 57.16 sq.Km. The newly merged area under Junagadh Mahanagar Seva Sadan includes eight peripheral villages namely; Timbavadi, Khamdhrol, Zanzarda, Chobari, Dolatpara, Saragvada, Sabalpur and Bhavnath. The newly merged area also includes one nagar panchayat Joshipara.


The physiography of the district is hilly in certain parts with dense forests and extensive undulating plains intersected by various rivers and stream. The region has a flat terrain with a gentle westward slope towards sea, except for the Girnar and the Barda ranges.

The principal rivers which traverse the district are Bhadar, Uben, Ozat, Hiren, Machhundri, sabil, Saraswati, Meghal, raval, ete. All these rivers are ephemeral in nature. All of them meet the Arabian Sea.


Junagadh city has typical temperature to humid type coastal. The temperature varies from 10 c to 42 c during the year. The minimum temperature is observed in the month of December and maximum temperature is observed in the month of May.

Junagadh city has mainly three seasons. The summer starts from March and ends in mid-june followed by monsoon that starts from June to mid-September, which is followed by winter. Wind velocity varies from 20-70 kmhr during cyclonic period.


Average relative humidity is about 84% during the monsoon and about 60% to 70% rest of the year.


Junagadh city falls under the semi-arid zone and has characteristics of high variation in rainfall, although the average rainfall is about 881 mm. 90-95% of the rainfall occurs between the months of june and September while other months are generally dry with occasional showers. Annual rainy days range between 22 to 29 days.