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Total area under slums is 19.5 (14.5% of total municipal area) and total slum population accounts for around 25% of total population . Most of the slums have been notified by municipal corporation and are given all basic facilities like streetlight, water and public sanitation. Most of the public toilets and drinking water facilities of the town are located in the slum areas. The physical conditions of the slums are poor with unhygienic sanitation, settlement structure etc. Shortage of housing facilities has contributed to the emergence of slums.

– New 96 dwelling units proposal prepared.



The NH connecting Bamanbar and Porbandar passes through the district. There are two state highways that cross the town, Junagarh – Veraval- Timbi and Miyani- Porbandar- Mangrol- Veraval.

There is a loop road around the walled city. The city roads from all directions converge into this loop road. The streets in the walled city were originally planned according to topography and each street has its identity as per destinations namely, Malivada nagar road, Jawahar road and Girnar road. 

The important roads in the city are dhal rd., haveli rd., MG rd., talav and railway rd., jayshree rd., Danapith rd., sangharia rd., mangnath rd, collage road, vanthali road. There are seven gates in the old city, from where all the roads to the periphery radiate. Each gate forms a plaza/ chowk. They are Manjhewadi Darwaja, station gate, vanthali gate, talav gate, shahpur gate,kalwa gate, girnar darwaja, darbargadh darwaja. The chowks in the walled city are Circle chowk, Azad Chowk, Palace Chowk, Diwan Chowk etc.

Width wise Road Details:

Sr. No. Width of Road Road Length in Kms.
01 < 3 Mt. 40.00
02 3.00 – 4.50 Mt. 51.36
03 4.50 – 7.50 Mt. 55.00
04 7.50 – 9.00 Mt. 20.00
05 9.00 – 12.00 Mt. 30.00
06 > 12.00 Mt. 20.00

Existing Road Conditions:

Road Condition Physical
Particulars Kacha Road C. C. Road W.B.M. Paving Road Tarr Road Total
Road Length (Kms) 29.01 Km. 28.35 Km. 25 Km. 134 Km. 216.36 Km.

Internal Comparision:

Particulars Roads Present Coverage 2010 2015 2020
Old Area 60% 75% 95%
Merged Area 10% 35% 70% 95%