Water Works

Junagadh city has population of 2.66 lakh and present water demand is 30 mld. Water is supplied through 25,000 tap connections by three major surface water sources namely Aanandpur Weir, Hasanapur dam & Wellingdon dam and 32 nos. of wells. Junagadh city has more than 1000 nos. of Hand pumps and 200 nos. of stand posts as Ground Water Sources situated all over city area. Junagadh city area limit were extended in January-04 increasing its area from 13.47 Sq. km. to 57 Sq. Km. Eight Nos. for Grampanchayats and One Municipality was merged in Junagadh city limit. Newly Merge area has its individual ground water supply system through bore wells / wells.

Junagadh Municipal Corporation has prepared its Master Plans for water supply systems in Phase Manner. Junagadh Municipal Corporation has already implemented 610 mm M.S. Pipeline from Aanandpur Weir to Uparkot Storage tank by laying 18 Km. long of 16 mld. capacity and constructed H/W with 3 Vertical Turbine pumps at Aanandpur weir . Hence increasing water carrying capacity from source, to match requirement of water demand for newly merge area.

In “URBAN-05” project, Trunk Main was laid down to existing storage of newly merge area to transform it’s ground water sources to surface water sources. Now, under UIDSSMT project JMC is planning to construct new 9 Pumping Stations with E.S.Rs. & G.S.Rs. along with one 20 mld capacity Filteration Plant and Distribution pipeline networks for wide coverage of drinking water supply facility for the citizens of newly merge area.

Junagadh Municipal Corporation is collecting projects as per the Master Plan Report and remaining work of Augmentation of old city water supply system is in progress. In water supply sector Junagadh Municipal Corporation tries its level best and with the support of State Govt. in near future JMC will maintain interruption free water supply to it’s citizens.

Water Supply
a) Per Capita Supply 110 lpcd.
b) Coverage Population 70%
c) Total Water Supply per day 21 mld. (Alternate Day)
Particulars Water Supply Present Coverage 2010 2015 2020
Old Area 90% 95% 100%
Merged Area 60% 85%