Health Department

  • The city is divided by the total area of the ward is 20.
  • The waste is collected by a designated ward area, the scavenger, or placed in garbage containers in desired point.
  • Containers has been placed on ward area and on the public places and picks containers regular.
  • Spraying of pesticides and drugs by cleaning works after cleand by them.
  • Waste collected by the sanitation workers for the city’s congested area. Through Hydraulic rikshow collects the waste from the main points. On open area all the watse collected by tractors. After collect all the garbages from main points are moved to corporation’s specified location through Dumbers, Loaders or JCB.
  • All the collected waste given to Hunger Biotech Ltd. through segregation process they produce different products.
  • To collect all the waste Corporation uses 50 types of different vehicles like Tractor, Dumper, Auto Rickshaw, Jeep, JCB, Front loader
  • Prevent from rottenness Corporation has also developed Pay and Use toilets.
  • Corporation also does chlorination process and test.


  • Collection of B. S.
  • After testing of B.S. Corporation does fogging process in that area.
  • Work on Antilarval.
  • As per the instruction by the Government to prevent against filarial, corporation has covered all the area through different teams to give treatment to public.