Swami Narayan Temple

Golden jubilee Chief Civil works and urban development schemes – the estimated amount of Rs. 65 million


Name of Work : (1) Paver Road and Bridge at the Swaminarayan Temple to New Collector Office of vaidaninga (ii) majevadi petrol pump Ocean later work, the road to the Medical College (3) to bharadavavathi cemetery Road widening work
The amount allocated by GMFB :
Estimate the amount of Rs. : 32712500
The amount sanctioned is Rs. : ૨૪૫૭૯૩૯૩.૮૯૮૨૪૦૦૦૦૦૦.૦૦૪૦૦૦૦૦૦.૦૦
Term (months) : 12
Work status : 23-10-2015
Agency : Sri Amber Builders
Name of Dy. Executive Engineer : Mr R. Or. Kuchadiya
Overseer :
WAPCOS Lee. & S.No – 2882, Date – 23/10/2015