• Junagadh is a city of temples and ashrams. Most of them are concentrated on the Taleti road. The total stretch of Taleti road is 5 km from Darbar chowk and Girnar chowk. Besides being the main approach road to Girnar temple, Taleti road has acquired a character of being a distinct pilgrim route, housing almost all the temples and ashrams. Complimented with the scenic beauty, Taleti road has also gained its importance as an outdoor place for local residents. The important temples are Bhavnath temple (Bhavnath village), Ram tekri. The ashrams are Asharamjini Ashram, Duttguru temple, Satguru temple, Ramnath temple, Shri Digambar temple and Kashmiri Bapu Ashram, etc.
  • Damodar kund is a sacred place for holy bath. There are two caves at the foothills of uparkot’, Khoriya Khoda caves and Bawa Pyara caves. Narsigh Mehta no Choro, birthplace of Saint Narsingh Mehta after whom the entire region is named, is also a sacred place.

Tourist Data:

  • There are 59 hotels and dining halls and 50 dharamshalas in Junagadh. The concentration of dharamshalas is more on the Taleti road. Reasonable numbers of ashrams also take the stake of staying pilgrims.
Sr. No Spot Distance
1 Satadhar 55 Kms.
2 Sasan 55 kms.
3 Kankai 76 kms.
4 Banej 86 kms.
5 Tulsi Shyam 130 kms.
6 Diu 180 kms.
7 Nagoa Beach 187 kms.
8 Ahemadpur Mandvi 182 kms.
9 Mul Dwarka 150 kms.
10 Prachi 110 kms.
11 Somnath 90 kms.
12 Holiday Camp 87 kms.
13 Porbandar 105 kms.
14 Harsiddhi Mataji 150 kms.
15 Dwarka 225 kms.
16 Bhidbhanjan 35 kms.
17 Virpur (Jalaram) 50 kms.
18 Parab 36 kms.